Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starbazaar change! Open for ALL!!!!!!

Hell yeah :D Good news!!! :D

Cons and Pros

Pro: Every body can use it :D
Con: You need 500 starpoints if you're a non SS
Pro: Non SS can get DKNY and such ;)
Con: You can't sell your self designed clothes/items unless you're a SS...

And the ultimate Con/Pro!!!! I think its a Pro!!

YES, you can't sell more that 10 items every 24 hours, BUT BUT BUT this IS a good thing!! Think about Undamyumbrellla, she got hacked by that one tramp, for 174 RARE items, Get my drift now? No? Well, now that CAN'T happen because of that new thing!! :D Unless the victim isn't on for several weeks... Now get my drift? NO? WELL, Let  me tell you, because there is a 10-24 limit on the selling thing, there is no use for hackers to steal your things!!

The CON about it: Now there will be this HUGE battle to buy rares from broadcasters, since she can only sell 10 :(

Tell me in comments what YOU think!!

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

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