Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger Look.


So I decided that my medoll, will look like Nicole Scheringer. here is a pic.
Do I look like her?
Please comment!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mean people on stardoll again.


So Ada000bella was my friend. And she was always lying to me, that today it is her b-day, just so I would buy her a gift..... Look you picked on the wrong girl ok?
She asked me for a makeover! Omg If you'l see her doll you will be scared, She looks like a clown, or a girl with a bad plastic surgery. I said no to the makeover and she was mad! like I care. So here is what she wrote to my gb.
And just report her I already reported her, and told what she said to me to stardoll stuff.
She is probably a 5 year old kid on the comp.

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

April Hot Buys!


Yay! The April Hot buys are here! I really can't wait. I love the cobra braclet and and the lank tank.
Here is a little pic. about the dresses.

Hot Buys sweater- 1 April
Hot Buys sunglasses- 3 April
Hot Buys pants- 5 April
Hot Buys bag- 8 April
Hot Buys cobra braclet- 12 April
Hot Buys dress- 15 April
Hot Buys shoes- 17 April
Hot Buys Stud jacket- 20 April
Hot Buys Lace tank- 22 April
Hot Buys Chiffon Kafta- 23 April

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New PPQ collection!

Hey All!

It's me Orangeberry3! And i'm here to show you the NEW collection of PPQ.
I love love love love it! I am so sad i'm not superstar anymore ;(
Here is a little pic. Of the new collection:

I really LOVE it! I love the fur coat, thoose Hepburn trousers.....
Do You like it too?
Comment, Bellow!
And I am looking for 1 writer more! :)
So if you wanna be a writer, just tell me in my guest book!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Help me choose.....

Hey All!

I'm here! ;) I need your help. You need to help me choose which celebrity should I be! Here are the 3 from you can choose. Picture:

Number 1 = Kim Kardashia
Number 2 = Lady GaGa
Number 3 = Angelina Jolie

So who do you think will suit my medoll the most?
Comment, because I need help! :P

You can also vote on this poll:

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So i'm very sorry for not posting for almost 2 weeks! I had a lot of things to do, and it was my
birthday. But now I will post DAILY! I PROMISE! So I have one thing I need to tell you.
Ruubin gave me this blog! I am so gratefull! She is the best. And here is a proof, so you won't think I made it up.

See? She is AWSOME go to her suite, and vote her 10000 stars!
I promised her this blog will be in good hands, and when I promise
I keep the promise.

Are you happy for me?
Comment, bellow.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some ''Holiday'' Inspired Make-Up!


So I decided to do some, holiday inspired make-up. I created Valentines day and Christmas. Tommorow I will upload 4th of July. So here are the results.

Valentines Day:

I used the DOT WHITE mascara, and then I used the black eyeliner. Then I used the red blush from DOT. The last thing I did is Used the Red lipstick from DOT and tried to create a heart shape. (It's really hard, because there are not thin shapes of lipsticks) And then I added some fake sweat heart eyelashes from: Sunny Bunny Jewerly store.


So for this Make-up I used: The white eyeshadow, and the blue eyeshadow, and just mixed it together. Then I used the blue eyeliner, and the antarctic blue eyeliner. For the lips I choosed 2 diffrent shades of blue. Lighter and Darker. I first put on the darker one, and then I just put the lighter one to the end of her lips. I ended the look with the diamond earings from Glamouros, and dyed her hair to Ice Cold hair color. I added some Blonde highlights.

I hope you like my work.
Comment, Bellow!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Earn stardollars offers!


So I found out about thoose awsome Earn Stardollars Offers. I like really don't know when Stardoll added that feauture, I think some of you know about that. P.S i'm not in space! :P
I just got 30sd, for theese things I did.

Here is a little pic:

So I invited my cousin SmartJovana to stardoll, at christmast time. She will become superstar and guess what that means? I get some Bling Bling cash ;)

Well that's all. Will you invite someone?
Will you connect your accounts to Stardoll?

Comment, Bellow!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Megan Fox look!


So when Ruubin was Victoria Beckham, she kinda inspired me to be some celebrity too!
I decided to choose Megan Fox. But after Megan Fox I will be Angelina Jolie! So what do you
think of my doll? Do you think I look like Megan Fox?

Please comment!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*