Monday, August 29, 2011

Stardoll diary /


I am starting my stardoll diary. Here I will post my favourite dressed doll
on stardoll, favourite new items, favourite make up, favourite face.............
So i'm starting my stardoll diary from tommorow on :)
And i'm going to be way more active now!
i'm also starting my own story! Extra 4 elements
it will be like a strip on stardoll and everyday
i will post a new episode of it, I also have a club called like that
so please join it!
and I will also start a show Orangeberry back to school
the show will air 19 september. on this blog.


Miss stardoll world 2011


There is a commpetition on stardoll called Miss stardoll world 2011. I already
joined it. There are some Big prizes you can win like Iphone engraved with your
name. And here is a pic. of how the comp looks. :)

And the promotion of my doll:


Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Stardoll store, Lady gaga make-up.


There is a new store on stardoll. I love it!.

It's called Film Theory. It's a decor shop, but there is also an
outfit that you can buy, I bought it because it's so old Hollywood and
sophisticated. I also like the decor it's really classy, and there is also a new
Interior you can buy.

And here is the Lady gaga make-up tutorial
1. Apply the dot Eyeliner.

2. Use the Black Eyeshadow.

3. Use the Dot Red Lipstick.

4.Use the red Blush, from Dot.

5. Change the Hairstyle, use the blonde haircolor, and
make the black highlights.

And your done.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My new Line Katteberry


I created a new line Katteberry! I worked hard on the clothes and I think, they look good and vintage! I really need your opinion if you like it or not, so I can make better clothes if it's not good enough! Here are 2 clothes
Ciao For Now

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Banner!


I created a new banner, I hope you like it!

Ciao For Now!

The Rarest People On Stardoll is back!


I wasn't posting for a whole decade! But this is the comeback, I will post everyday I promise.

First of all!
What happened to Ruubin? She is not online for 5 days now.

There are 2 things that might have happened:

1: She left Stardoll!
2: She went on a Vacation, since it's summer! :P

I hope it's the number 2.

And there is a new competition: Lolita's next top model, the judge is Miss_LolitaF who created the competition ,PrincessLicha and FickyFicky. You can still Apply the ending date is
22. June. (I joined) This competition is great for you, if you would like to be a famous stardoll model. Every week the chosen girls will get tasks (Making sceneries).
Wish you luck.

Ciao for now.

Monday, April 18, 2011

LE is back!


I'm going to show you the new LE in this post. So happy LE is finnaly back, this times with clothes again! I think it has a lot of POP-Out colors. A lot off neon pink so on.... To tell you the truth i'm kinda not impressed with the new LE. There are still a few things I would buy, but everything else is like a little hot mess too me. So here is the picture of the new LE.

What do you think?
Do you like it?
Will you buy something?
Tell me your opinion in the comments.

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nail Polish


So at the time I wasn't posting, a lot of new stuff.... Came to STARPLAZA!
And yea I'm kinda late, but I still wanna show them to you.
Here is a picture of the NEW store where you can get NAIL POLISH!
there were a lot of spoilers about nail polish, and it's finnaly here.

Do you like it?
Comment bellow.

Cherry Cherry BUm Bum Kat :*

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey Guys!


I'm so sorry, for not posting for 1 MONTH now! I will post seriously more now. :) And I made
a new banner do you like it?
Made by me!
So guys, I hope you like it.

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger Look.


So I decided that my medoll, will look like Nicole Scheringer. here is a pic.
Do I look like her?
Please comment!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mean people on stardoll again.


So Ada000bella was my friend. And she was always lying to me, that today it is her b-day, just so I would buy her a gift..... Look you picked on the wrong girl ok?
She asked me for a makeover! Omg If you'l see her doll you will be scared, She looks like a clown, or a girl with a bad plastic surgery. I said no to the makeover and she was mad! like I care. So here is what she wrote to my gb.
And just report her I already reported her, and told what she said to me to stardoll stuff.
She is probably a 5 year old kid on the comp.

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

April Hot Buys!


Yay! The April Hot buys are here! I really can't wait. I love the cobra braclet and and the lank tank.
Here is a little pic. about the dresses.

Hot Buys sweater- 1 April
Hot Buys sunglasses- 3 April
Hot Buys pants- 5 April
Hot Buys bag- 8 April
Hot Buys cobra braclet- 12 April
Hot Buys dress- 15 April
Hot Buys shoes- 17 April
Hot Buys Stud jacket- 20 April
Hot Buys Lace tank- 22 April
Hot Buys Chiffon Kafta- 23 April

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum :*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New PPQ collection!

Hey All!

It's me Orangeberry3! And i'm here to show you the NEW collection of PPQ.
I love love love love it! I am so sad i'm not superstar anymore ;(
Here is a little pic. Of the new collection:

I really LOVE it! I love the fur coat, thoose Hepburn trousers.....
Do You like it too?
Comment, Bellow!
And I am looking for 1 writer more! :)
So if you wanna be a writer, just tell me in my guest book!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Monday, March 21, 2011

Help me choose.....

Hey All!

I'm here! ;) I need your help. You need to help me choose which celebrity should I be! Here are the 3 from you can choose. Picture:

Number 1 = Kim Kardashia
Number 2 = Lady GaGa
Number 3 = Angelina Jolie

So who do you think will suit my medoll the most?
Comment, because I need help! :P

You can also vote on this poll:

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*



So i'm very sorry for not posting for almost 2 weeks! I had a lot of things to do, and it was my
birthday. But now I will post DAILY! I PROMISE! So I have one thing I need to tell you.
Ruubin gave me this blog! I am so gratefull! She is the best. And here is a proof, so you won't think I made it up.

See? She is AWSOME go to her suite, and vote her 10000 stars!
I promised her this blog will be in good hands, and when I promise
I keep the promise.

Are you happy for me?
Comment, bellow.

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some ''Holiday'' Inspired Make-Up!


So I decided to do some, holiday inspired make-up. I created Valentines day and Christmas. Tommorow I will upload 4th of July. So here are the results.

Valentines Day:

I used the DOT WHITE mascara, and then I used the black eyeliner. Then I used the red blush from DOT. The last thing I did is Used the Red lipstick from DOT and tried to create a heart shape. (It's really hard, because there are not thin shapes of lipsticks) And then I added some fake sweat heart eyelashes from: Sunny Bunny Jewerly store.


So for this Make-up I used: The white eyeshadow, and the blue eyeshadow, and just mixed it together. Then I used the blue eyeliner, and the antarctic blue eyeliner. For the lips I choosed 2 diffrent shades of blue. Lighter and Darker. I first put on the darker one, and then I just put the lighter one to the end of her lips. I ended the look with the diamond earings from Glamouros, and dyed her hair to Ice Cold hair color. I added some Blonde highlights.

I hope you like my work.
Comment, Bellow!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Earn stardollars offers!


So I found out about thoose awsome Earn Stardollars Offers. I like really don't know when Stardoll added that feauture, I think some of you know about that. P.S i'm not in space! :P
I just got 30sd, for theese things I did.

Here is a little pic:

So I invited my cousin SmartJovana to stardoll, at christmast time. She will become superstar and guess what that means? I get some Bling Bling cash ;)

Well that's all. Will you invite someone?
Will you connect your accounts to Stardoll?

Comment, Bellow!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Megan Fox look!


So when Ruubin was Victoria Beckham, she kinda inspired me to be some celebrity too!
I decided to choose Megan Fox. But after Megan Fox I will be Angelina Jolie! So what do you
think of my doll? Do you think I look like Megan Fox?

Please comment!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keira-V , Glamour makeover!


So I decided to do a makeover on Keira-V. She is a stardoll member ,with the most starpoints!
She is always wearing thoose fairy dresses, so I decided to change her a little bit! First thing I did is added some mascara from dot, then I used the Dot eyeliner in black color, I used a black eyeshadow from Dot, and then I used Red lipstick from Dot, and warm apricot blush, But to finish up this awsome Glamourus look I used Brown hair color, and black highlights!

So do you like it? Comment bellow!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Rewatch Chat with Emily!

So yesterday there was a live chat on Stardoll for the first time, with Emily Osment!
And it was LIVE, so some people couldn't watch it! But this is the link for
all people that missed the Chat with Emily!

So I hope you will enjoy! :)

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kathryn :*

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Change AGAIN xD

Hello! Ruubin here! CABS A HERE!!!!! (JK) xD

So I changed my doll AGAIN, I found out that I wasn't really Fashionable when I was 'Vintage Posh 1997' I had a really hard time finding out what to wear and such. I managed to complete only two outfits:

And this:

And then I got bored. The hair is REALLY not flattering and I felt like a cow! Srsly, I felt like my doll looked like shit! But it is the only hair that has a resemblence to Posh's 90's bob:

Well I still want to be Victoria Beckham (My doll ofc) so I decided to switch it up a bit!

NOW i'm Posh 2011!! :D

Now, PLEASE tell me what you think of this change and my doll in comments :)

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Live chat with Emily Osment!


There are just 10 MINUTES left, for the live chat with Emily! I am very excited, and I hope she will answer my question. Callie said that Emily already arived at the Stardoll Building at 10:00 am, and that they are very excited , to start the live chat!

Did you asked her a question? Do you think she will answer,
then comment. :)

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Callie.Stardoll Natural Makeover!


So I decided ,to make a makeover for Callie.Stardoll. I wanted to make her look very natural. I used the mascara ,Sephora darker blush, Sephora Orange color lipstick and the orchid ice Eyeshadow from Dot.

So do you like it? Please comment. :)

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum kat :*

Friday, February 25, 2011

March Hot Buys!


Theese are the 10 March Hot Buys! I really like some clothes , like Stud Dress and
the sweater.

March 1- Hot Buys Vest
March 3- Hot Buys Shoes
March 5- Hot Buys Feather
March 8- Hot Buys Dress
March 11- Hot Buys Star Tie
March 15- Hot Buys Blouse
March 17- Hot Buys Bag
March 20- Hot Buys Stud Dress
March 22- Hot Buys Sweater
March 29- Hot Buys Flash Skirt

What do you think? Are you gonna buy some?

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Stardoll NEW OPTION!


So stardoll made a new option! You can change your skin color, the way you want!
Isn't this great?! I choosed the pale color. I love it, now you can change the
skin color the way you want!

Do you like this too? tell that in comment ;)

Cherry bum bum Kathryn/Orangeberry3

New writer Orangeberry3


I am Orangeberry3, the new writer for the best blog ever , made by an
awsome doll Ruubin!
So I am going to tell you , something about me now:
My name is Kathryn but call me Kat.
I am 13 years young, and I live in Slovenia.
I love fashion , that's the reason I love stardoll. :)
I am a very kind person , and what I love to do the most
is sing!


Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kathryn! :*