Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some ''Holiday'' Inspired Make-Up!


So I decided to do some, holiday inspired make-up. I created Valentines day and Christmas. Tommorow I will upload 4th of July. So here are the results.

Valentines Day:

I used the DOT WHITE mascara, and then I used the black eyeliner. Then I used the red blush from DOT. The last thing I did is Used the Red lipstick from DOT and tried to create a heart shape. (It's really hard, because there are not thin shapes of lipsticks) And then I added some fake sweat heart eyelashes from: Sunny Bunny Jewerly store.


So for this Make-up I used: The white eyeshadow, and the blue eyeshadow, and just mixed it together. Then I used the blue eyeliner, and the antarctic blue eyeliner. For the lips I choosed 2 diffrent shades of blue. Lighter and Darker. I first put on the darker one, and then I just put the lighter one to the end of her lips. I ended the look with the diamond earings from Glamouros, and dyed her hair to Ice Cold hair color. I added some Blonde highlights.

I hope you like my work.
Comment, Bellow!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

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