Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Stardoll store, Lady gaga make-up.


There is a new store on stardoll. I love it!.

It's called Film Theory. It's a decor shop, but there is also an
outfit that you can buy, I bought it because it's so old Hollywood and
sophisticated. I also like the decor it's really classy, and there is also a new
Interior you can buy.

And here is the Lady gaga make-up tutorial
1. Apply the dot Eyeliner.

2. Use the Black Eyeshadow.

3. Use the Dot Red Lipstick.

4.Use the red Blush, from Dot.

5. Change the Hairstyle, use the blonde haircolor, and
make the black highlights.

And your done.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My new Line Katteberry


I created a new line Katteberry! I worked hard on the clothes and I think, they look good and vintage! I really need your opinion if you like it or not, so I can make better clothes if it's not good enough! Here are 2 clothes
Ciao For Now

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Banner!


I created a new banner, I hope you like it!

Ciao For Now!

The Rarest People On Stardoll is back!


I wasn't posting for a whole decade! But this is the comeback, I will post everyday I promise.

First of all!
What happened to Ruubin? She is not online for 5 days now.

There are 2 things that might have happened:

1: She left Stardoll!
2: She went on a Vacation, since it's summer! :P

I hope it's the number 2.

And there is a new competition: Lolita's next top model, the judge is Miss_LolitaF who created the competition ,PrincessLicha and FickyFicky. You can still Apply the ending date is
22. June. (I joined) This competition is great for you, if you would like to be a famous stardoll model. Every week the chosen girls will get tasks (Making sceneries).
Wish you luck.

Ciao for now.