Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keira-V , Glamour makeover!


So I decided to do a makeover on Keira-V. She is a stardoll member ,with the most starpoints!
She is always wearing thoose fairy dresses, so I decided to change her a little bit! First thing I did is added some mascara from dot, then I used the Dot eyeliner in black color, I used a black eyeshadow from Dot, and then I used Red lipstick from Dot, and warm apricot blush, But to finish up this awsome Glamourus look I used Brown hair color, and black highlights!

So do you like it? Comment bellow!

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Rewatch Chat with Emily!

So yesterday there was a live chat on Stardoll for the first time, with Emily Osment!
And it was LIVE, so some people couldn't watch it! But this is the link for
all people that missed the Chat with Emily!

So I hope you will enjoy! :)

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kathryn :*

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Change AGAIN xD

Hello! Ruubin here! CABS A HERE!!!!! (JK) xD

So I changed my doll AGAIN, I found out that I wasn't really Fashionable when I was 'Vintage Posh 1997' I had a really hard time finding out what to wear and such. I managed to complete only two outfits:

And this:

And then I got bored. The hair is REALLY not flattering and I felt like a cow! Srsly, I felt like my doll looked like shit! But it is the only hair that has a resemblence to Posh's 90's bob:

Well I still want to be Victoria Beckham (My doll ofc) so I decided to switch it up a bit!

NOW i'm Posh 2011!! :D

Now, PLEASE tell me what you think of this change and my doll in comments :)

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Live chat with Emily Osment!


There are just 10 MINUTES left, for the live chat with Emily! I am very excited, and I hope she will answer my question. Callie said that Emily already arived at the Stardoll Building at 10:00 am, and that they are very excited , to start the live chat!

Did you asked her a question? Do you think she will answer,
then comment. :)

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Callie.Stardoll Natural Makeover!


So I decided ,to make a makeover for Callie.Stardoll. I wanted to make her look very natural. I used the mascara ,Sephora darker blush, Sephora Orange color lipstick and the orchid ice Eyeshadow from Dot.

So do you like it? Please comment. :)

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum kat :*

Friday, February 25, 2011

March Hot Buys!


Theese are the 10 March Hot Buys! I really like some clothes , like Stud Dress and
the sweater.

March 1- Hot Buys Vest
March 3- Hot Buys Shoes
March 5- Hot Buys Feather
March 8- Hot Buys Dress
March 11- Hot Buys Star Tie
March 15- Hot Buys Blouse
March 17- Hot Buys Bag
March 20- Hot Buys Stud Dress
March 22- Hot Buys Sweater
March 29- Hot Buys Flash Skirt

What do you think? Are you gonna buy some?

Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kat :*

Stardoll NEW OPTION!


So stardoll made a new option! You can change your skin color, the way you want!
Isn't this great?! I choosed the pale color. I love it, now you can change the
skin color the way you want!

Do you like this too? tell that in comment ;)

Cherry bum bum Kathryn/Orangeberry3

New writer Orangeberry3


I am Orangeberry3, the new writer for the best blog ever , made by an
awsome doll Ruubin!
So I am going to tell you , something about me now:
My name is Kathryn but call me Kat.
I am 13 years young, and I live in Slovenia.
I love fashion , that's the reason I love stardoll. :)
I am a very kind person , and what I love to do the most
is sing!


Cherry Cherry Bum Bum Kathryn! :*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New era for Ruubin! Victoria Beckham ca. 1996-97

First off I wanna say, I'm SO sorry for not posting in WEEKS Oh gosh... Sorry! Wont happen again :)
On with the post...

As you can see, I keep on changing my appearance nowadays, I NEVER did that before, was too scared that I would totally fuck up my doll :O But I came to realize that I can always change it back! Before the Marilyn Monroe era I've had for some weeks now I looked like this: 

for many years, yeah you read right, YEARS! (Ofc I made small changes as the mouth and eyebrows, but the eyes and nose have always been the same) As I said, I was too afraid to change my MeDoll but on the other side I really loved the way it looked aswell! I know I will eventually return to this look, but now I'm on this 'Journey' with my doll, trying on diffent looks but I like to relate the to celebrities that I love, hence Marilyn Monroe and now Victoria Beckham...

NOW, on with my new temporary look, even the clothes is inspired here, I saw this new freebie, the military dress and a picture of Victoria Beckham in the movie Spice World from 1997 came to mind (Spice World is a reality/comedy movie starring the Spice Girls which I am the biggest fan of)

Here is the (Self made screenprints) picture that inspired me to do this:

Sorry for the incredibly bad quality but you see the dress and shoes!

Did I do well?

Tell me in comments what you think of my make over please :)

Sorry for a LONG post, consider it my 'sorry' post :)

X*O*X*O Selena/Ruubin

Friday, February 18, 2011

All New Low

As said in my last post, amricangirl101 is a hacker! Shes trying to cover it up, and even if she "did" get hacked by someone who then used her account to hack other people, this is unlikely and the oldest trick in the book, either way you shouldn't trust this user as there may or may not be more than one person using this account! Also, she publicly bashed our blog on her presentation which is TOTALLY uncalled for. She tried to explain all the hacking which is a story that i find difficult to believe. All we are doing is alerting people of the truth. So weather you choose to believe her or not, we are only warning you and we do have people that have been hacked by her but because of confidentiality we will not be naming anyone, which is understandable!

xo Gossipdelivery

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hacker Alert!

Dont you just hate hackers! They are the slime and low life of stardoll society, and what gets me even more infuriated is that these little bitches get away with it. There is not much you can do to get rid of them, block them, sure, delete them , yes, report them, erm not nessesarily because stardoll does not have that as an option when you click "report" infact, by reporting them for hacking under something like their presentation can actually cause you to loose your account and be deleted, now i dont know about you but i personally think that is pure bullshit! (exscuse the french).
So i thought it was time to start a hack list, delete these people, block them and notify stardoll through mail as you can generally not report people for hacking!!!

amricangirl101 (as seen in the pic above)

now i use to be friends with this little bitch and then one day she asked to give me a makeover, of course asking for my password, luckily, i said no as i dont fall for the lamest trick in the book, but unfortunantly she added me to her bestfriends and then i was alarmed to find guestbook comments on my page saying people were hacked by her, including one of my best friends on stardoll. I then commented amricangirl101 in her guestbook , she then denied it, enabled people to write in her guestbook and deleted me as a friend, how much more proof do you need?!
So please girls, report this skank right out of stardoll!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Read this! Regarding UndamyUmbrellla's deletion...

(Click to make it bigger) 

I am now displaying the two designs that I bought from her in my main room as a tribute to Kasia!

I bet my life that they wont replay, but as long as they read it...

Update: She is back :D

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I didn't realize how much I really HATE Alexa or whatever her name is until now.

I just needed to say that. You will also never see a post about her on this blog again.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ruubin needs this!

So, Stardoll has to make it :D NEED in my closet :O

Christian Dior Fall 2004 Couture

What do you think? Isn't it gorgeous??

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

New Changes! Again!

First thing I noticed was the new Beauty Parlor changes: 

I like the new jewelery box :D I'ts pretty!
I don't really have any thoughts on the new makeup thing tho...

NEW Starplaza changes has also been made!

These changes is  really nice! You can even buy more of one item!

Soo, what do all of you think of this? Tell me in comments :)

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Classique Awards VOTING NOW OPEN!!!!!!

(This is the invite, made by Eliza/Wooldoor, click to enlarge)

Go to SDTCA for more inforation on how to vote and do things :)

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A MAKEOVER for: UndamyUmbrellla

(Click the image to make it bigger)

So, I was visiting Kasia to look at her designs, they ar gorgeous, I want want waant!! :D Well, I couldn't help but noticing how 'messy' it was in her suite... (Visit her by clicking HERE and give her 5 stars for pure awesomeness ;) I decided to tidy up a bit! And here is the results :D What do you think?? Tell me in comments :) Love you all :)

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Thursday, February 3, 2011

She's at it again...

Seems like alexa just do not take a hint.. She acted like a idiot and needs to GTFO of stardoll... Read alexa and bubblymintys whole conversation right before she all of the sudden blocked her out completely...


Well, looks like alexa dont it? she left this in bubblymintys gb!

§ Gossip Delivery §

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Stardesign Dresses

These are the new stardesign dresses. They remind me of a Kimono (Those Japanese dresses), and belly dancer dresses. I'm not a huge fan, how about you? :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Like my new Banner? xx

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Click it to enlarge...

This is BAD! The whole release is just plain BAD! these clothes is not Fashionable anymore :/ Sorry folks! I have Crossed out all the NO's and I left the OK looking clothes un marked.. What is your thoughts? (Go to my album to see more DO's and DONT's by clicking HERE :)

Should I do more DO's and DONT's on the blog? And do you agree with me on this particular one? Tell me in comments :)

X*O*X*O Ruubin/Selena

Stardoll Disney Is Fake

The whole disney taking over stardoll is fake, its just a massive rumour started by some people who have nothing better to do, the original owner of stardoll, posted a comment in her guestbook saying that it was just a rumour. If you were wondering how this all started, it was mentioned in a interview where Liisa(orignal owner of SD) said that disney might be interested in stardoll, click here to read it in full.
XxX Sugarykimes