Friday, February 18, 2011

All New Low

As said in my last post, amricangirl101 is a hacker! Shes trying to cover it up, and even if she "did" get hacked by someone who then used her account to hack other people, this is unlikely and the oldest trick in the book, either way you shouldn't trust this user as there may or may not be more than one person using this account! Also, she publicly bashed our blog on her presentation which is TOTALLY uncalled for. She tried to explain all the hacking which is a story that i find difficult to believe. All we are doing is alerting people of the truth. So weather you choose to believe her or not, we are only warning you and we do have people that have been hacked by her but because of confidentiality we will not be naming anyone, which is understandable!

xo Gossipdelivery