Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New era for Ruubin! Victoria Beckham ca. 1996-97

First off I wanna say, I'm SO sorry for not posting in WEEKS Oh gosh... Sorry! Wont happen again :)
On with the post...

As you can see, I keep on changing my appearance nowadays, I NEVER did that before, was too scared that I would totally fuck up my doll :O But I came to realize that I can always change it back! Before the Marilyn Monroe era I've had for some weeks now I looked like this: 

for many years, yeah you read right, YEARS! (Ofc I made small changes as the mouth and eyebrows, but the eyes and nose have always been the same) As I said, I was too afraid to change my MeDoll but on the other side I really loved the way it looked aswell! I know I will eventually return to this look, but now I'm on this 'Journey' with my doll, trying on diffent looks but I like to relate the to celebrities that I love, hence Marilyn Monroe and now Victoria Beckham...

NOW, on with my new temporary look, even the clothes is inspired here, I saw this new freebie, the military dress and a picture of Victoria Beckham in the movie Spice World from 1997 came to mind (Spice World is a reality/comedy movie starring the Spice Girls which I am the biggest fan of)

Here is the (Self made screenprints) picture that inspired me to do this:

Sorry for the incredibly bad quality but you see the dress and shoes!

Did I do well?

Tell me in comments what you think of my make over please :)

Sorry for a LONG post, consider it my 'sorry' post :)

X*O*X*O Selena/Ruubin

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