Monday, January 31, 2011

Stardoll Going To Disney?

Ok, before you get to alarmed, this is only speculation so far, but it does have alot of people worried, apparntly disney is interested in buying stardoll, making it more disney themed with "princess" styled suites, more disney dolls, and..even possibly changing the name. Now i dont know about you but i really hope this doesnt happen as i think it will ruin Stardoll and i dont think i would go on as much. Apparntly the change is meant to go down in december 2012, but there is alot of dodgy phrases and only a few people seem to have got the "letter" so chances are its fake. Read it for yourself by clicking on the image.

XxX Sugarylimes

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  1. It's fake. i_am_collector got a message from Stardoll that it's fake - check SMW to see the post. ;)